Psychosis Psychiatrist

Psychosis disorders are serious mental health conditions and if not treated can lead to behaviours that can affect a person’s life and relationships significantly . The two main symptoms of psychosis that I have seen in patients are hallucinations and delusions. These two symptoms together, can lead a person to act out in ways that are incredibly unpredictable and potentially life threatening. With the right treatment and management of psychosis and with the support of specialist professionals, the risk of such behaviour, suicide and violence, can be reduced.

Over the years that I have worked as a psychiatrist, I have seen a number of patients demonstrating symptoms of psychosis, as well as disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, which have been commonly linked to the cause of a psychotic episode.

Working with a range of patients, I have successfully treated a number of patients who have previously been treatment resistant. This condition is another mental health problem that takes not only from the family but also the patient. Working with patients to ensure long periods of stability is vital.

Psychiatry Treatment For Psychosis

In order to treat psychosis, we must first identify the cause of the symptoms. Often this is because of an underlying mental health condition. Usually schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or severe depression which has lead to a depressive psychosis. While a patient is experiencing a severe psychotic episode the first port of call should always be to contact a doctor. Early signs of psychosis can often be managed and the risk of this worsening can be reduced if help and support is accessed immediately.

Treatments for psychosis, when a patient is willing to receive the help, can include therapies, medication and social support. As a psychiatrist I take a holistic approach to treatment, identifying your triggers, understanding your history and getting to you, in order to tailor a treatment plan that works to your best interests. In most cases I will prescribe my patients with antipsychotic medicine, which can help relieve the symptoms of psychosis. Unfortunately there are short term and long term side effects to these medications for some people. However without these medications in place the outcomes can be more devastating.

An initial assessment, whether this is online or in person, will typically last around 60-90 minutes. During this time I will ensure to listen to your experiences, your feelings, and your thoughts, in order to identify the best course of action for treating your psychosis.

For those experiencing a psychotic episode we would always recommend that you seek immediate, emergency help. Either from medical professionals, via A&E, NHS mental health services or your GP.

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