Adult ADHD

I have always had a special interest in this area. It is a joy to see patients who have been suffering with numerous difficulties throughout their life suddenly able to organise their life and cope with areas that were previously insurmounatable.

Initial assessment normally takes 90 minutes and further bloods or ECG may also be required. Treatment can be reviewed normally on a 2 week to 1 month basis due to the medications being controlled drugs until on maintenance medication. Any illegal drugs need to be curtailed as much as possible and at times may mean that further treatment cannot be prescribed.

It is important prior to  or during assessment to understand if your GP would be agreeable to shared care agreements. ie. they would take over prescribing medication when you are on maintenance. Why you may ask? If you are diagnosed with ADHD, once Dr Daniel has achieved maintenance treatment then return visits are expensive  and few individuals can afford this. This is due to the medications being a controlled drug and therefore only a set number of days for medication can be given. Dr Daniel would want you to continue to be treated for your condition and not suddenly have to stop.

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