Adult ADHD Psychiatrist

I have always had a special interest in this area. It is a joy to see patients who have been suffering with numerous difficulties throughout their life suddenly able to organise their life and cope with areas that were previously insurmountable. The UK medical services appear to have become more understanding of the need to diagnose and treat. I have been part of this process when this was not fully recognised in England.

Adult ADHD is rather more complex than ADHD in children. It is often harder to identify and the symptoms are less distinct. It can be difficult to define obvious symptoms of ADHD in adults, which is why for many adults it goes undiagnosed. For most people who have received a diagnosis, one or more of the following will be areas in which they face challenges:

  • Inattention
  • Hyperactivity
  • Impulsivity

For people with ADHD, these challenges will be affecting areas of life. Whether this is work, study, relationships or something else, ADHD is not simply feelings of restlessness or difficulty concentrating, it is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can have a direct impact on daily life.

Adult ADHD Assessment

An adult ADHD assessment can be offered to those who think they have ADHD. This assessment helps to identify symptoms and signs of ADHD and to understand how a person may be struggling to manage in daily life, as a direct result of these symptoms.

As a private psychiatrist my adult ADHD services are becoming widely used by those who have struggled to access an NHS ADHD assessment or are on a long waiting list.

The initial assessment I conduct normally takes 60 minutes and further bloods or ECG may also be required. A then formal assessment is required which is booked in for 90-120 minutes. Once a diagnosis has been given, we can discuss treatment options immediately without any further wait or cost. I will usually suggest a range of medication treatments to patients, based on their needs. However, therapy and other types of management solutions can also be considered. As the patient, it is up to you to decide which treatment option is right for you and your life.

ADHD Medication & Maintenance

Treatment is normally reviewed at 3 weekly basis and until a maintenance dosage is finalised. This normally takes up to 3-4 reviews although very occasionally can be more. Any illegal drugs need to be curtailed as much as possible and at times may mean that further treatment cannot be prescribed.

It is important prior to or during assessment to understand if your GP would be agreeable to shared care agreements. ie. they would take over prescribing medication when you are on maintenance. Why you may ask? If you are diagnosed with ADHD, once I have achieved maintenance treatment, return visits and medication can be expensive and few individuals can afford this. Further to this due to the medications being a controlled drug only a set number of days for medication can be given. For your wellbeing, I would want you to continue to be treated for your condition and not suddenly have to stop. Having your GP in agreement will make managing your medication easier. A further review with a health care professional after a year is also required and we normally make a provisional date for this in the future. I do not charge for shared care protocol or medication prescription this is all incorporated in the assessment and review charges. Further to this we can also discuss some of the other areas involved with ADHD that may not normally be dealt with i.e. sleep and anxiety symptoms as well as organisational and well being factors.

Patient Reviews