Abnormal Bereavement Reaction

I have reviewed a considerable number of people that are left with this condition. It is easy to consider that it is normal to cry yourself to sleep each and every night due to losing someone. However there comes a time when it is important to move on as otherwise this behaviour becomes pathological and a detriment to your life. Working with people to ensure that they become happier again is an important part of Dr Daniel’s work.

What is a Psychiatrist and how would an assessment be conducted

I am a medically trained doctor with experience and understanding of medications and human health and pathology.  I am therefore able to arrange investigations if I feel that it is appropriate and able to exclude physical causes for your condition. Further to this I have a good understanding of general medications and psychiatric medications, whilst understanding the possible side effects and interactions that can occur.

A normal initial assessment consists of 60-90 minute discussion. Dr Daniel has considerable experience in ensuring that you are at ease whilst discussing personal issues in relation to your history. Dr Daniel considers that his place is to listen as best as possible and discuss treatment options that you can consider.

Patient Reviews