Dealing with Dementia

Dementia is common in the elderly. Dementia is the category but understanding the type of  dementia is important with regards to treatment. If being referred to Dr Kaitiff he will require head imaging to be performed to help aid in the diagnosis and also a formal assessment of memory at the least. Dr Kaitiff has considerable experience in being able to  tailor medications for patients to ensure that they and the family hopefully gain some stability.

For the majority of patients with dementia their symptoms will not become complex. However it is important to ensure that good sleep is established and that infections are treated early. Dr Kaitiff is well aware of the difficulties that behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia can cause for client and family. It is important for some client’s  and family to ensure a plan is in place at times to try and prevent what can be chaotic and stressful situation.

Frontal dementia/Lewy body dementia/Parkinson’s Dementia can be underdiagnosed and therefore not formally treated.  This can be a complex situation which requires multiple medications although the benefits can be great.

Anxiety within these conditions is also often under-treated unfortunately. Treatments are normally beneficial in their own right whilst other treatments can be invasive and have severe side effects. Before considering more invasive treatments it is important to ensure other treatments have been explored.

Dr Daniel throughout his career has managed to maintain clients at home for longer periods and also stepped clients down from expensive care homes as clients are unfortunately left with treatable symptomatology.

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