Insomnia Psychiatrist

Insomnia is a type of sleep disorder that has a huge impact on a person’s life. Most people have experienced a couple of nights of bad sleep. It becomes problematic when it then continues to be disruptive in one’s life. Insomnia by definition is difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. However for this to be recognised as a condition, the challenges in sleeping and maintaining a sleep schedule will be continuous and cause major difficulties to personal routines.

With my years of experience dealing with a wide range of mental health conditions and disorders, It is clear to me that insomnia is underappreciated at times by the health community.

Understanding Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders have a wide ranging impact on life and can reduce energy, mood and general well – being. Throughout the years I have treated a wide range of sleep disorders. With techniques, strategies, and medications that have helped patients and clients in being less tired, increasing concentration throughout the day, reducing feelings of irritability and managing the frequency of nightmares and feelings of anxiety (which so often occur with insomnia). Nightmares certainly do not have to be for life and neither does insomnia.

If you believe you have a sleep disorder, such as insomnia, that is affecting your daily life and your ability to complete general daily activities, then it is important that you seek the help available.

A Psychiatric Assessment For Insomnia

An assessment will take a thorough look at your history. Understanding your medical history and wellbeing means I can gain a better understanding as to why you may be experiencing the symptoms you are, allowing me to offer you a more detailed diagnosis. At times these conditions can also be due to anxiety and ADHD which will require assessment or treatment.

One of the first things I will issue my patients with is a sleep diary. This sleep diary will be used to record your sleep patterns, tracking when you sleep, for how long you sleep, when you wake, and for how long you wake, allowing me to get a better understanding of what is occurring during the night. With this sleep diary and the information you have provided, I will take a holistic approach to treating and managing your insomnia. We will work together to address your sleep patterns and challenges and work through these difficulties together. I most likely will also suggest being reviewed by a psychologist concerning your sleeping difficulty if this is non-organic.

Whether you need medication or not, we will review all treatment options to tailor a plan to your specific needs and preferences.

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